Actress and Lumos Ambassador Evanna Lynch makes a heartfelt, personal appeal as she introduces Lumos and its work with vulnerable children to BBC Radio 4 listeners.

Evanna, best known for her role as Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter movies, has been a passionate and dedicated Lumos Ambassador for many years.

She explains,

“I got involved in Lumos through J.K. Rowling, who founded the charity. As an actor in the Harry Potter films, I became very interested in the mission to give all children loving homes. I visited an orphanage and when I met the children, I saw there was no animation, no life or energy behind their eyes. They were so neglected.”

Since 2005, Lumos has helped hundreds of thousands of children to be returned to their families or to be placed in a loving family environment including more recently in Moldova, Ukraine, Kenya and Colombia.

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